About Me


My Name is Sabrina Luisa and I am the designer/founder of the BrunchBag.

I am half Spanish, half German and currently live in Berlin.

I am married and we have two children. 

Mama and Daughter in Berlin with BrunchBag

After returning to my corporate marketing job from maternity leave, I soon realised that there was no time for long lunchbreaks with my colleagues anymore.

I only had time for a quick desk lunch, so mealprepping was the only solution to keep up with my healthy lifestyle.

Founder - Sabrina sitting on a couch with her BrunchBag

But something was missing!

I couldn't find a cute and elegant lunchbag to transport my lunchbox, snacks and co that would match my chic corporate style.

With a jute bag on a business trip? Not an Option!

Those cheap looking lunchbags from the big A*****? No, thank you!

As I couln't find what I was looking for, I decided to design it myself.


And that's how my BrunchBag journey started:

Google Search: How do I design a handbag?

Yes, it all started with a simple google search!

It then took me nearly 2 years to find a manufacture, get my first product samples and launch my website in October 2020.


 First sample BrunchBag