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My name is Sabrina, I am half Spanish, half German, married, mum of two and live in Berlin. Before starting my own business, I worked as a freelance event manager.

First Sketches - BrunchBag

But something was missing: the possibility to transport my freshly prepared food, cutlery, bottles and snacks stylishly and safely. With the jute bag on a business trip? With the thermo box to the meeting? Not an option! Because the market didn't offer a solution, I designed it myself..

The path to BrunchBag was new and exciting: How do you design a bag? Which fabrics keep warm, fresh, dense and give chic? I travelled to fairs all over Europe and met different producers from all over the world.

I worked intensively with different materials, design and manufacturing methods for over a year until I had the perfect BrunchBag in my hands.



Sabrina Luisa, Designer & Founder of BrunchBag

"A lunch bag that is both functional and suitable for business does not yet exist! So I designed it. For me and everyone else who loves healthy, fresh food and chic design!"

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